If you have an Internet site, it is likely you rely on the backup system the company employs as it's less likely that you're keeping a daily backup of your data on your personal machine. The backup could save you in a variety of situations like deleting some information unintentionally or an unauthorized third-party accessing your account given that the website could be restored to its previous state without difficulty. The only concern is that most companies keep just one copy of your info and when a new one is made, the old one is removed. In other words, when you notice a problem several days after it has appeared, it may be too late and the loss of data may be irreversible. Our custom-built backup platform was created to protect against this kind of an issue and it's a guarantee that you shall never lose any of your info. It allows you to choose the content that should be restored along with the particular date when the backup was created by our system.

Browsable Daily Backups in Hosting

The backups are available with all hosting services we offer and they will give you much more security when compared with what other businesses can provide because they're generated four times each day and we keep them for the next one week. Our custom web hosting platform will permit you to look through all backups freely through the File Manager section of your Hepsia Control Panel as if you are browsing standard folders within your account, hence you shall be able to see what content we have constantly. To restore a given file or folder, you only have to copy it from the backup directory to the live domain directory, which is a thing an individual without any experience can perform with several clicks. The timestamp of each and every backup folder will inform you when it was made, so that you can restore the exact content which you need. With this service, your sites will be secure all the time and you shall never lose any vital data.

Browsable Daily Backups in Dedicated Hosting

You'll be able to reap the benefits of our revolutionary backup system with every single semi-dedicated servers services that we offer and by default we shall save no less than 4 copies of your content every day. All backups are kept for at least one week, so you'll be able to restore any content whenever you require it and from whatever date you need it. What differentiates our platform from what other companies offer is the opportunity to surf all backups as regular folders in the File Manager section of your account. All the data that you will locate there is read-only to avoid any possibility of deleting it by accident and restoring a certain file, folder or Internet site is as simple as copying it from the backup directory to the location inside your account where you require it. This feature shall save you time and will enable you to restore any content even if you have no expertise and that is the first hosting account you are using.