The term "disk space" may also be identified as "disk quota" or "data storage", still all these terms mean the same thing - the amount of info that you can upload to a hosting account. The full size of everything you have is estimated by accumulating the space used by the overall content in the account, the most apparent being the types of files that you upload. Two other things can often be overlooked by the majority of users, though - email messages and databases. Big attachments and databases of larger script-driven sites can often require a lot of storage space as well. To use a more familiar analogy, the hdd space of your PC is taken not only by files you download, but additionally by documents you generate plus programs you add. Similarly, various things are counted in the disk space your info takes on a web hosting server, not only the uploads.

Disk Space in Hosting

With the help of our hosting packages, you'll never be worried about disk storage. While most companies make accounts using just a single server and eventually all the server hard disk space is in use, we've employed a cloud web hosting system in which the files, e-mails and the databases are taken care of by separate clusters of servers. Thus, every single machine performs better because only one kind of processes is functioning on it, plus the hdd space is practically unlimited since we will always attach extra servers or hard drives to the cluster, based on whether we need extra processing power or perhaps more storage space. You won't ever come across a position when you can't upload more files since there is no free hdd space on your server, which is a matter you can experience with various suppliers. When you use our hosting services, you can rest assured that restricted space won't be a problem for the development of your sites.

Disk Space in Semi-dedicated Servers

If you buy a semi-dedicated server package from our firm, you won't have to worry about the storage space that you may use due to the basic reason that this attribute is unlimited. Unlike many other hosting suppliers who advertise the same service, yet generate accounts on just a single machine where only so much hard disks can be attached, we use a revolutionary cloud system that uses groups of servers. Your files will be kept on one cluster, the emails on another, the databases on a third one and so on. This kind of platform gives you two major advantages - first, the disk storage will not ever finish since we are able to attach more servers to every cluster that needs them, and second, the servers will run much more effectively for they will be in charge of just a single type of system processes. A semi-dedicated server package gives you the option to expand your sites as much as you need.

Disk Space in VPS Servers

All our VPS servers include disk space quotas proportionate to the computing power that you receive with every package. Getting a higher plan, for example, the chances are greater that you'll host a variety of domain names or a single huge web site, so the hdd storage grows as you upgrade the package. When you use our Hepsia hosting Control Panel, all the domains will share the storage space, while if you choose cPanel or DirectAdmin, you are able to set up individual website hosting accounts and preset a pre-defined amount of the full VPS storage for every individual domain. You can even share out hdd storage from one domain to another if necessary. If you order a given VPS package and then you want additional space at some point, you are able to update to a better plan with just a few clicks in your billing section. The extra system resources will be included in your present plan without server downtime or content migration.

Disk Space in Dedicated Servers

All our Linux dedicated service feature multiple HDDs to match the computing power that you'll get, so you won't ever need to be concerned about not having enough hard disk space. The HDDs can be employed in RAID, meaning that one drive can function as a copy of another to ensure that all of your information will be secured, alternatively you can use it independently for even bigger total storage capacity. Many hundreds of gigabytes of hdd storage will be available all of the time, so you will be able to run enormous web sites, upload huge files and duplicate your own archive. Since a dedicated server is the most powerful form of website hosting, you will be able to upload/download files with very fast speeds. If required, we also provide the option to add more drives and utilize even additional space for your content. We supply three hosting Control Panels with the dedicated servers - with Hepsia, all of your domain names will share the entire server space and will be managed in one place, while with cPanel and DirectAdmin you'll have the possibility to generate distinct web hosting accounts with pre-selected disk space quotas for every single domain hosted on the server.